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Data visualization of air pollution levels

Master Digital Design (team project)_ Client project for De Waag (2018-2019)

"It’s necessary to translate abstract numbers in forms that are meaningful, impactful and persuasive to everyday citizens."

Asphyxia is a visual representation of the air quality data in different areas of Amsterdam. It is a very strong, persuasive, and efficient concept. The citizens can easily identify the essence of this installation and obtain the appropriate knowledge about the air quality levels. It provides a strong visual message that citizens can relate to, and acts as warning. 


Asphyxia receives real data from censors placed in multiple spots in the city. It visualizes the air quality levels with a breathing movement effect and lights. The abstract lung is moving/ breathing from smoothly to a more anxious way when the air quality is getting worse, and the lights are turning from white to red. 

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