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Earth Buddy

A habit-building app for a sustainable lifestyle 
Master Digital Design (team project) _ Client project for WWF (2018)

The “Earth Buddy” is a habit building app which helps users obtain a more sustainable way of lifestyle. We designed an app  which would help millennials obtain easily a sustainable goal using tools that they are familiar with. In their busy lives, they need something accessible and easy-to-use, that guides them through a specific path. This app that help them to accomplish small everyday goals, within the bigger context of changing their lives. After taking the WWF footprint test, the user can download the app and start his/ her journey. The user sets a goal to start with, e.g. eat less meat. Then, the user has 21 days to accomplish this goal, until the next challenge. During these 21 days, the user keeps updating the app with his/ her actions in order to keep the “Earth Buddy” alive. 

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